A Better Way to Find Guys

I've been finding more Evangelical guys to fuck by asking the Evangelicals I'm fucking if they know of any Evangelicals who'd want to fuck me. Interesting how this is working. They don't want to think, and, of course, they're correct in not thinking, that they are the only horny, frustrated Christians who'd fuck a slut. And it wouldn't be nice to say no one else would want to fuck me. Once they get past any notion that my pussy is solely theirs and are assured that we'll continue fucking, they often want to help.

I have an understanding with the guys on maintenance. I know I'm a slut and they know I'm a slut. Fucking sluts is different than fucking Evangelical wives and girlfriends. Because I almost exclusively fuck Evangelicals, I'm very unlikely to get an STD. A new understanding: If they set me up with another Evangelical who becomes maintenance sex, I won't quit maintaining the guy who sets us up.

I'm getting all kinds of gossip about who's fucking around, but I tell them that I'm interested in single, born-again Christians wanting to find a girlfriend and get married. I'm looking for virgins. When my "dates" find out I'm not interested in marriage, they are amazingly quick to put off their long term plans, eager for a present good time. After I invite them over, give them a glass of wine, put on some porn and pull out their cocks, they've forgotten about marriage, family and God.

I'm going to like this way of meeting guys much better than going to Sunday schools and Bible studies. It takes a lot less time and it's more fun.