I Prove My Obedience and Trust

I had a guy come over December 27. It was his second time. As I laid in bed waiting, I heard him enter. I right away knew there was more than just him, though. They didn't speak, but I heard their feet shuffling. I figured that there was more than one demon who wanted my asshole and I was going to let Satan have his way.

As usual, I faced the altar away from the door, my ass in the air. He came in and stuck his dick in my mouth, then fucked my pussy. As he was fucking me, I felt the presence of another guy in the room. A dick went out of my pussy, there was some movement on the bed, then a dick inside me again. This kept happening. I was thanking Satan for sending me two demons. They didn't speak, but the sounds of jerking dicks and the movements behind me made it obvious that there was more than one.

Before long they were taking turns fucking my ass. A guy moaned and his dick went a bit soft in my ass before he pulled it out. The other guy entered my ass as I heard movement toward the door. A dick pulled out. Then back in. I still heard more than one guy behind me. I assumed a guy was wanting to fuck me again, then it occurred to me that maybe there were more than two guys. I didn't want to look to find out. I didn't want the magic to end.

I started to get tired and my asshole hurt, and I was hoping they would soon be through. Then a guy started calling me a whore and slut. He pulled my hair. I couldn't help but cry out a little. My arms and legs were grabbed, turning me over on my back. There were three guys. The one I invited over was no longer there (was he ever?).

A guy thrust his dick down my throat. I gagged. Another guy fucked my pussy. Another guy was stroking his dick with one hand, his other hand held a camcorder. I thought of screaming. But then I thought that this was Satan's night. I surrendered to his will.

After about 45 minutes they were gone. My arm has a small bruise. I proved my willingness to be obedient, and that I am trusting. Although I am glad to be among the living, if he wanted me to die on the 27th, that would have been OK.

Satan will be using me differently in the future. He wants to have me bring Christian evangelicals into a better understanding of lust and sex. We're working on a plan. I'm glad to say that it does not involve inviting guys to enter my unlocked apartment.