Some Guys

I know four guys I can have come over with a little notice. Two are past boy friends, one has been somewhat of a friend/acquaintance for several years and one is a guy I met three months ago. I don't have anything to do with the guys except for sex. I don't know or care anything about them, not who they're fucking, working for, marriage, kids, etc.. Once in a while I do something else with my friend/acquaintance, but I'd probably stop having him fuck me when I find more guys.

Except for my one friend/acquaintance, we never speak except when I call to arrange the time I want them to come over. The conversation only consists of me asking if they can come over at a specific time. They just answer yes or no. They know the ritual.

I'm in the process of recruiting more guys. I've been going to a few local pick-up bars and dating a couple of guys. We need to date until I know I can trust them. I'm not telling them anything personal. I don't bring them to my apartment. We're not fucking. When and if I trust them, I'd tell them what I want.

They must be on time, sober and clean. They enter my unlocked apartment without knocking or ringing the bell. They don't say anything during their visit. They grab a condom and bottle of lube from the table. They enter the bedroom. They fuck my pussy, then my ass. If I want anything else, I tell them. They leave.

They can think I'm loony, weird or whatever. It doesn't matter.