Why I'm Ass Fucked by Demons

Lust, lies, fear, disease, war, etc. are more real than any of the holy God crap. Even Christians admit that Satan rules the world. Christians pray for peace, but can't help making war; they foolishly try to keep from lusting, but of course they can't; they try to be loving, but can't resist buying stuff as millions of babies starve. It's obvious that Satan and his demons are more real than God. It just makes sense. The demons can't be cast out. They are part of us. That's just the way it is.

It's ironic that God, who is said to be loving, would have us not love ourselves, and Satan, who is said to be the source of evil, has us love ourselves. God says our nature is sinful, Satan has us celebrate all of Nature.

My sexual desires and fantasies come and go. The anal-slut being fucked by demons is what I'm into now.