Sex With a Christian

I prepared him at dinner. He thinks I very much love God and have prayer time every morning. I told him that it is hard, but I try to love everyone. This is, after all, what Jesus wants us to do. If we love, everything else is OK.

We finished dinner early. I asked if he'd like to come over to listen to some music. He lives alone, but I figured I would have more control of the evening here. I told him to have a seat on the sofa, poured us some wine, put on some music, turned the lights down low and snuggled next to him. We finished our wine, then I put my hand on his shoulder and waited for him to kiss me. I closed my eyes and moved my mouth toward his. We kissed.

We fucked. (Thought it should have its own paragraph.) I let him awkwardly fumble with taking off my clothes. He did his best fingering my pussy. Soon tired of having my face slobbered on and getting impatient, I suggested the bedroom. He didn't have a condom, so I said something like, "Oh, I think there's one in my dresser" and pushed some things around before "finding" one. We did some oral before fucking. It was good.

I think I made it clear that we aren't "in love." I told him I loved him as a fellow human being and as a brother in Christ, not as a steady boyfriend. After all, we did just meet. It's not that I care much about breaking his heart, but I can get a lot more Christian guys a lot quicker without him holding my hand. This Sunday morning I'll be caressing another guy's fingers during our closing prayer.

He's coming over tomorrow. I'm cooking, I think. I'd like some anal. He's in for a treat.