Surrendering to God

At Saturday's meeting I totally surrendered to God. In everything that happened, I loved Him.

There were ten guys and another woman. I knew everyone accept two of the guys and the woman. Most of the guys I knew from dating individually, so I knew their names, churches, work, families, etc. The woman said she was the leader's friend.

I was made God's vessel. Like the other time I was the vessel, I laid on the bed, spread my legs and waited for the guys to enter. I didn't pay attention to who was fucking me, they were all manifestations of God. When my pussy got too wet and lose, I guided the cocks to my anus. They pulled off their condoms and came on my pussy, stomach, breasts, face and in my mouth.

Everyone was His vessel, God made flesh. Whenever I felt self-conscious, I pushed a cock farther down my throat and spread my legs wider. With every splash of cum I was again being baptized with God's holy water. One cock after another, I was God's.