Many Dicks to be Sucked

A couple of my guys said they're going to quit having sex with me. The ideas about it being a sin are hard to get rid of. There is a best way to respond. I say, "Fine, if that's what you want. Give me a call if you change your mind." One guy lasted a few days. If the other one doesn't call in a month I'll call him. I do have a limited amount of time and there are so many dicks to be sucked. I'd like maintenance to be about once a month, at the most, anyway. If there are other sluts they're interested in, fine, mission accomplished.

It's funny. Of course the usual church going woman doesn't want the congregation to think she's a slut. But, I do. I want evangelical dicks drooling over my vagina. I want my evangelical boy friends telling their friends about me. Rather than spending time hunting them down, I want the confused brethren to come to me. If it happens that a preacher calls me in to his office in order to change me or protect his congregation, I wouldn't care. He can't do anything. As he talked, I'd caress my tits, lick my lips and spread my legs. I look forward to it.